A zombie is classified as a dead person that has been brought back from the dead, either through voodoo or medical intervention. They can walk although their movements are usually slow and stuttered. Zombies may also have some other vital aspects to keep them mobile but a higher reasoning or thought process is not one […]

Zombie Powers and Abilities

Zombies are creatures that after living their life and then dying, they are brought back from the dead through a number of ways. Hollywood has created the image that zombies are something to be feared because they have a constant urge to eat on the flesh or brains of other living humans. But what powers […]

Types of Zombies

There are many different types of zombies and it is from these different types that there are many different theories about what a zombie is and what they do. To fully understand the world of zombies, you must first have to understand that there are many different types of zombies, and what these different types […]

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Although it’s generally thought that zombies are a creation of Hollywood in order to sell tickets to horror movies, there are functional and philosophical zombies, which are believed to be real and therefore likely to attack should they meet up with a living human. If a living human is attacked by a zombie, there is […]

Zombies in Popular Culture

Zombies are so widely known about mostly because of their influence on popular culture. Although there are certain types of zombies that are thought to be real by some people, most images of zombies are make believe and have been made popular through movies such as Night of the Living Dead. Popular culture is where […]

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